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Use tags instead of MOCs, unless you have a specific reason to create a new MOC.

One simple level of processing. ««— | #source | —»»

Special sources #📥️/📚️Book #📥️/📰️Article #📥️/📜️Paper #📥️/🎥️Video #📥️/🐦️Tweet #📥️/💭️Thought #📥️/🎧️Podcast

| Books I've Read MOC | Books Purgatory List | #book100 |


Other Sources? I recommend just tagging with: #source. But if you want, you could add more granular descriptors like: “tweets, texts, articles”.

Besides tagging "source", you could add extra steps called "commentary" and “highlights”, but that’s usually redundant. Every source you add should have some commentary and few highlights—or else you’re just collecting.

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Sources MOC