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Mindsets MOC

I want to...

  • Connect ideas | Make leaps of insights | Think conceptually
    • πŸ“ Concepts MOC
  • Develop ideas | Think laterally | Broaden my perspective | Gain clarity
    • Refraction Thinking | Nick's custom prompts for note-making
    • Sensemaker's Toolkit
  • Define a problem | Solve a problem | Gain clarity
    • Levels of Magnification
    • OODA Loop | Munger's Mental Models

  • Meditate | Slow down | Reset
    • Meditation Jaunts β€” A joyful sequence of various meditations to bounce between during a single 20-minute session.
      • Meditation sequences - 3-minute jaunts

Other Exercises

I want to...

  • Use my imagination | Train the mind | Practice mindfulness
    • Mind Palaces β€” Mnemonic device
    • Mind Training β€” Imagination Practices #on/Mind/Training
    • Mindfulness Practice
  • Think critically | Think analytically
    • Thought Unpacking
  • Practice creativity | Creatively express an idea | Enrich my thinking
    • Thought Enriching β€” Thinking creatively and expressively.
    • Metaphor Making β€” List of worlds ripe for metaphors
    • Word Excursion β€” Pick up the thesaurus and float around.


  • FlowCreation MOC
  • Habits MOC


Let's define some overlapping conceptual categories:

  • πŸ“ Concepts MOC|Concepts: A concept is a pattern, truth, or mechanism recognized and given a name.
  • Mental Models are specific readily-available patterns or mechanisms thatβ€”when applied to a current situation or thingβ€”allow for efficient, optimal action. Great for strategic agency and in-the-moment adaptability.
  • Metaphors are primarily for relating unlike things. Great for creative expression and a means unto itself.
  • Refraction Thinking are primarily for broadening perspective and deepening understanding. Great for reviewing, planning, empathizing, and meditating.
Mindsets MOC